Entry Call

Call for Entries 2018

Deadline:  May 12, 2018


The South Carolina Artisans Center is the official Folk Art and Craft center for the state of South Carolina. It is one of the state’s most important cultural resources.  Located in downtown Walterboro, 3 miles from I-95, it has become a major tourist attraction. The Center provides visitors an opportunity to become familiar with, and purchase, South Carolina’s art, folk art, and crafts. Interpretative displays, demonstrations and educational programs are offered that reflect southern folk art and crafts indigenous to South Carolina.


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Our panel of out-of-state jurors consists of 3 artists or art professionals who are recognized for their talents in fine art and folk art. They use their expertise to select artists whose work is of the highest quality and possesses the potential for successful marketing.


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Applications should be submitted online through the form below if at all possible. Mail entries will also be accepted.

Art will be juried in two stages. During the first stage, digital images of submitted work will be reviewed and evaluated by the out of state jurors. For the second stage, the selected artists will submit actual work for the final evaluation. This stage will take place in Walterboro. Each artist will be required to present five pieces of work. Each item will be reviewed by the 3 SC artists or art professionals (not members of the SCAC Guild) to ensure that it accurately represents the images submitted. This group of artists has the final decision on acceptance of work into the center.


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• The artist must be a current resident of South Carolina and maintain an in-state residence during their tenure as a South Carolina Artisans Center (SCAC) Guild Member.

• The artist must be 18 years of age at the time of application.

• We encourage an application only from those artists who want to actively market their work and can provide adequate inventory.

• The artist must submit a completed application, the $25 application fee, and 1 digital image of 5 pieces of work to be considered. If a CD or flash drive is submitted the application fee is $30,

• Entries must be received by May 12th.

• A $25 (or $30) processing fee must be received by the SC Artisans Center no later than August 21.

• All work must be original and completed in the last year.

• Only one media form can be submitted per entry. However, more than one entry may be submitted. The $25 (or $30) processing fee applies to each entry.


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Submit 1 PDF/JPEG image each of 5 different pieces of your work. Each image should represent your work as accurately as possible. Natural and plain backgrounds are preferred. Send through the form below if at all possible. If not, a cd or flash drive is acceptable but requires an additional $5 processing fee.


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Applications are to be submitted through:

1) Online form below


2) Regular mail: SC Artisans Center: 318 Wichman Street, Walterboro, SC 29488.

Download & print ‘Call for Entry’ application below:

SC Artisans Center Call for Entries

2017 Call for Entry Application

  • Complete all information requested on the “Call for Entry” for each piece of work submitted.  Online form can be found below, printable entry application available for download above.
  • Submit your application and PDF/JPG images no later than August 21.  Submit payment online here for $25 or mail a $30 processing fee to the SCAC to the address shown below– to be received no later than August 21 Send attention “LH”.
  • ** Juried artists become members of the SC Artisans Center Guild with a required $50 membership fee. The first fee covers 2017-2018 with the $50 Guild fee due in January of the following years.


You may also email your application information and photos with title, descriptions, and item prices to: 


Quick Pay

Either download and print the Word Document linked below for a manual submission or complete the online application at the bottom of this page.

SC Artisans Center Call for Entries

Important Dates

Stage One

Now – May 12th

Submit application online, email or through the mail.


Applicants notified of Stage One results via email

Stage Two



Applicants approved at stage one present 5 pieces of work for further evaluation.

Stage Two Results


Artists are notified of the Stage Two results.

Fall 2018

All 2018 Artists will be celebrated!

Meeting of new artists with staff of the center for orientation

Fall 2018

Reception for new artists and partners